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A Call To Spur!

Erin Schreyer  |  Aug 04, 2015
In my front entry – a thought to spur us as we walk in.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24 NIV).

I love this scripture. It’s more than a positive thought. It’s a call to action!

Let’s look at some of the words used in other translations:

  • The ASV version encourages us to “provoke” each other to love…
  • The Message starts this passage with “So let’s do it…” and goes on to suggest, “Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love…”
  • In the NLT version, we’re called to “motivate one another…”

This verse is not just a simple encouragement or affirmation.  It’s a calling for us to DO something – something that has a ripple effect. It’s asking us to be the first domino that starts the chain reaction. It’s requesting serious thought about how to kick our horse into gear, and race it toward something good; something that gets others running too.

Toward love and good deeds

Isn’t that awesome? It’s a Biblical call to start the “Pay it Forward” chain. It’s a rally call for contagious love!!

This verse is asking us to take the lead; to be the ones who get things going. To be the ones who don’t sit back waiting for an invitation, but the ones who love boldly; who model it for others; who inspire others to follow suit.

This resonates loudly with me! Maybe it’s because I’m a leadership coach by profession. Maybe it’s because I’m prone to action (“Activator” is one of my top strengths, and a few close friends have even nicknamed me so.) Perhaps, it’s because my life has been positively impacted time and time again by others spurring me on. Or maybe it’s because I’ve experienced the gratification of helping to make a difference in someone else’s life.

But, truthfully, I don’t think any of this is unique to me. In fact, I know that God can use any one of us  – anyone with a willing heart – to do the same and more. That’s the way He works. He uses the ordinary, and often, the much-less-than-extraordinary (and broken) to do His good works.

And, that’s why I’ve started this blog

Welcome, by the way!

I’m glad you’re here as I launch this space, because I can’t do it alone. I’m just here, hoping to be an instigator of love and good deeds; hoping to bring glory to God; and hoping to be an encouragement, motivator, or spur, even!

I hope you’ll visit often, or subscribe to make it easiest! And, I hope each time you join me here, you’ll be prompted – spurred, rather – toward love and good deeds. Not because I’m doing it, or because I’m asking anything of you, but because you have a willing heart, and because the Lord may give you a new thought, idea or motivation that gets triggered here.

Perhaps it will be as simple as a front-entry message (pictured above, from my own home). Perhaps you’ll be moved to rally your family, friends and neighbors to serve others less fortunate together. Maybe you’ll reach out to encourage someone or pray with them, because they’re feeling alone and defeated. Possibly, you’ll realize that you simply need to love and treat yourself better, because you, too, are a child of God, worthy of such goodness.

I don’t know where God will take us, but I know I want to go there. Wherever that is. Because God is love, and God is good. And the more we follow Him, the more we will know Him. And the more we know Him, the more we will experience His love and goodness.

What a beautiful cycle! We spur others on to love and good works, and we experience more of those same things ourselves. We give more; we receive more.

That’s the thing about love. It’s best in motion. Love is busy doing…and loving…and never giving up. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

Personally, I think it loves a good spurring! It loves to expand and cover a multitude. (1 Peter 4:8)

Have you ever spurred someone on and seen the impact? Tell us about it, so we can be inspired! We’d love to be spurred on by you too!

About Erin Schreyer

I’m passionate about positive life change, impacting others, and Jesus Christ, who makes all things possible. Professionally, I’m a coach, speaker, and writer. Personally, I’m a wife, mom, friend, loud laugher, and lover of tennis, hiking, cupcakes, a good book, and a great glass of red wine.  »  Learn More

What People Are Saying

Having been the recipient of your spurring me on to love and good works, I rejoice at your answering the call on your life. You, my dear, are worthy of your calling, as I know He is your Source! Spur away!!

Thanks so much, Carye! You are such a source of love and support. What a BLESSING and GIFT it was to meet you at Pine Cove like we did. God is so good and sweet to us!


Congratulations on discovering your little piece of heaven, right here on the internet. Having a friend like you to help share in the good news of Jesus Christ is an amazing and wonderful thing to witness.

As a “newer” believer (I was saved in June of 2014), I take joy in learning more about the challenges that He lays out for me every day; as well as discovering new perspectives in relation to how I understand what God’s word ultimately calls us all to become… an everlasting image of His son.

As a man, I’m probably going to be in the minority in enjoying your page, but I will faithfully share your good works with all my brothers and sisters so that others may benefit from the power of His words, working within you.

Best of Luck to you on your project, and God Bless You!
With love,

Thanks, Andy! You’re MORE than welcome here!! I appreciate your support and can tell you that I was not a “believer” until my adult years as well. I knew how to go to church and do churchy things in my youth, but I never knew about “relationship with Christ.” It’s a life-changer. So is reading the Word consistently!! What a GIFT to be able to read pages so that we can come to know Him and His love for us!!! I’ll look forward to sharing the journey with you!

WOW! WOW! WOW! All I can say is WOWEEE! I so LOVE how I feel after reading this A-Mazing blog, I cannot wait to read it again and receive everything you write. I have subscribed, and am going to ‘RALLY’ others to do so too. I am ready for more, girlfriend. I love your heart, your faith, your style, your love! Congratulations! And THANK YOU for being such a heavenly and beautiful gift to us all . WOW!

Oh, Erin, you are SO wonderful and kind; not to mention, obedient! YOU are a Kingdom woman, and I’m grateful to be encouraged by you!!! Thank you!

Hi Erin, I feel very energized by your blog (and your site!). I don’t know of any examples I can give right now of someone I have spurred on, but as I read it I was thinking of the acquaintance who is going through a terribly sad separation in her marriage, another friend who believes he is not worthy of being in a relationship, and a host of other friends and acquaintances struggling to see the glass as half full. Hopefully I can be a support to them; thank you for encouraging me to do that!

Hi, Paula. Thanks for your comment, and for seeing the needs of others. It’s interesting, how sometimes we have a connection to others that allows us to see their hurting. I often wonder if those are “God Winks.” You know, those times that timing, placement or connection is a “coincidence.” I’m so confident God knows just what He’s doing, and so often, those meetings and connections are not chance, but an opportunity to love others well. I’m excited for you!

One of my favorite verses! And I love how you put it, “Love is best in motion.” You are truly a star, spurring all of us on to love and good deeds. Keep spurring my friend.

Thanks so much for your encouragement, sweet friend!! Love how you always keep it positive and life-giving!!

I am a friend of Emily’s! My husband volunteers at Higher Branches on Saturdays and I have volunteered at the Spiritual Spa in the past.
I am often the one offering encouragement to others. Sometimes, I need the encouragement and as you put it, spurring on myself.
Looking forward to following your blog and learning from the thoughts you share. The scripture you shared is beautiful and the way you broke it down, so convicting in a positive way.
Your heart for truth and love is evident in the way you express yourself.
Beautiful blessings to you.

Thanks so much, Tammy! I recognize your name. What a gift you’re giving the women at the Spiritual Spa. That is such a special treat in so many ways. I, too, have volunteered there, and I see the way it impacts people. So powerful! Quite a spurring on!! I appreciate your encouragement here and look forward to interacting!

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