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Episode #20 – Social Media for Good

Erin Schreyer  |  Feb 14, 2017

Flourish hosts, Emily and Erin dive into the topic of social media usage for adults. Does it and/or can it benefit us? Or does it create to much noise and therefore take away from the richness of our real lives? This episode is a great explorative discussion, and it’s funny to sense the  »  Listen Now

Episode #14 – “Reaping What We Sow”

Erin Schreyer  |  Nov 02, 2016

As we enter Fall, there’s a shift to “harvest time.” Falling leaves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and farmers reaping the benefits of what they’ve sown. We can use this metaphor for life and for achieving the goals we want for ourselves. Are we planting the right things? How can we nurture  »  Listen Now

Episode #09 – “Superwoman Syndrome”

Erin Schreyer  |  Jul 26, 2016

The Superwoman is a good person, duty-oriented, very responsible and truly desires to do what is right. Often, she feels powerless to do anything about these demand ‘enemies.’ She may feel guilty, overwhelmed, and inadequate. She carries a giant load in life and frequently goes  »  Listen Now