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Wake Up, World!

While driving to a tennis match recently, traffic was abruptly halted. I was on the beltway around the city in the morning commuter rush, so I expected delays, but this was a complete stop. I  »  Read More

Our Life. Our Legacy.

In the last two months, I’ve attended two funerals. Each time, I was there to love a friend well; one who lost her mother, one who lost her husband. It’s incredibly difficult to lose  »  Read More

Look Before Jumping!

Our kids’ spring break just ended. Trees and flowers are blooming, and the clocks have skipped an hour. Although the official first day of Spring is March 19th, I’m pretty sure (at least  »  Read More

Life’s Detours

For Halloween this year, I dressed up as the character, Joy, from the recent movie Inside Out. I’m definitely a glass-half-full, optimistic, smiley kind of person, so her character resonated  »  Read More