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Life Lessons from Commitment Failure

*** This post originally appeared on the Good Word Project, a collaborative writing project, of which I am part of a writing team, along with three other women. Each month, we choose a word, and each  »  Read More

Worthy Anyway

This post originally appeared on The Good Word Project, where I am honored to be teaming up with three other women to encourage women and strengthen faith. Please visit this new, year-long  »  Read More

Wake Up, World!

While driving to a tennis match recently, traffic was abruptly halted. I was on the beltway around the city in the morning commuter rush, so I expected delays, but this was a complete stop. I  »  Read More

That’s Not What I Had Planned

I am a planner. I’m not an over-scheduler; not a stuck-in-the-details micro-manager; not a there’s-only-one-way-to-do-it control-freak. But I am a goal-oriented, work-your-plan achiever  »  Read More

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