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Episode #16 – Affirming Our Children

Erin Schreyer  |  Jan 23, 2017

It seems like, as parents, we spend a lot of time saying “No.” We explain all the things our kids can’t do, the things they can’t have, why some things aren’t good for them and why boundaries and limits are for their best. We reason through it all, and there likely are GREAT reasons for all the NOs, but do we spend enough time affirming our kids? Wouldn’t it be nice to put a focus and intention on the yeses, the positives and the “do more of thats”?

Growing up in today’s age is hard enough, and kids lose hope if they feel they’re doing everything wrong. Parents often lead them to this thinking, with constant correction, perfectionist attitudes and idealistic goals. We need to remember that kids are still learning, and we need to encourage them as they make mistakes. Kids with no encouragement and no hope will feel defeated and like failures. They’ll feel like they can’t ever do anything right, and it will affect their effort, esteem and outlook.

In this episode, Flourish hosts Emily and Erin discuss several ways to bring out the best in our children – how can we affirm what we see in them; what their strengths are, what good behaviors they’re doing or good choices they’re making. In essence, how can we be more positive parents that plants the seeds for growth in our kids?

Give it a listen, and let’s spur on our families together!

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